The art project Greenhouse Effect is based on a long-term photographic study and portrays Estonia’s younger generation, who have to tackle an abundance of future challenges related to overconsumption, senseless waste and aggressive exploitation of nature. The young people taking part of this project are deeply concerned about the future of planet Earth: they are trying to signal to the older generation that the current way of life based on binge-consuming culture and endless economic growth is not sustainable.

For four years, Haas captured on her photos young Estonians aged 12 to 21, and conducted interviews with them on environmental issues to learn about their attitude towards and awareness about consumption, nature conservation and personal contribution for minimizing their ecological footprint. The landscape on Haas‘ pictures is located in the outskirts of the capital city Tallinn. The place used to be an area for garden plots but now the abandoned and dilapidated greenhouses create an apocalyptic atmosphere.